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Liscard Business Centre:

Here at Liscard Business Centre, we understand that you, as a business, would want some questions answered when you are looking for Office Space, for your Business. We have created this section to provide you as much information as possible about the flexible office space solutions offered by Liscard Business Centre so that you can make an informed decision about your office space requirements, keeping in mind your current business and future growth.
Q. What is a serviced business centre?

A. A fully serviced Business Centre is a number of individual offices in a shared building. The great advantage is that your set up costs are minimal. Your monthly invoice will include everything so you can budget accordingly. The operator of the Business Centre pays the shared costs for the whole building and gives you a fixed cost per month. You can then budget accurately. Serviced offices and Business Centres are both basically the same thing.

Q. How can I rent space at Liscard Business Centre?

A. Just phone 0151 691 4920 and ask to speak to John, Lisa or Lauren. We can arrange to show you the fully serviced offices to rent and facilities included.

Q. Is there a deposit to pay?

A. Yes, your deposit will be equivalent to one month’s License Fee. There will also be a key deposit to pay and both of these are payable prior to moving in.

Q. What does my License Fee include?
A. Your License Fee would be payable to Liscard Business Centre by Direct Debit and would include:  
Q. Can I move in the next day?

A. A serviced office can be taken up at Liscard Business Centre with immediate effect. As soon as you sign up a simple License Agreement and pay the upfront deposit and advance license fees, you can start operating from your new office.

Q. Are there any other costs?

A. There are additional costs for broadband (by the room), telephone handset and line rental, which includes your own DDI phone number.

A. Phone call charges are very competitive and are charged one month in arrears.

Q. How long am I committing myself for when I sign the License?
A. We have flexible terms at Liscard Business Centre;  the initial period is for a minimum of 3 months. After that initial rental period, we require only one full month’s written notice to cancel a License Agreement. Otherwise, the license will automatically renew for a further 3 month period.
Q How long can I stay at Liscard Business Centre?
A. We hope you will stay for the medium to long-term, however, the initial license is for a minimum of 3 months.
Q. Do I have a car park space?
A. No. However, you can park outside the building for up to 90 minutes free of charge. There is ample on street free parking less than 3 minutes walk from our front door. No one normally has an issue with getting a space.

Q. Will I need office furniture?

A. No, we provide desks and chairs. However when you apply for an office, please ask to see what is available.

Q. Do I have access to my office out of normal hours?

A. Yes, you can access your office 24 hours per day. Each office is individually alarmed so you can come and go as you please.

Q. If my business grows can I move to a larger office?

A. Yes, you can, subject to office availability. Your license is easily transferable between offices. We are here to make to assist you as you grow.
Virtual Offices:

When you use Liscard Business Centre as your office address, it helps you in enhancing your image at a reasonable cost and also provides a perfect place to meet your clients, if and when required.

A virtual office at Liscard Business Centre provides:  
A virtual office will suit every size and type of business. Whether you are one man band working from home, who needs an impressive business address, or a small marketing agency looking for new clients through an enhanced business image, or a consultant who needs to provide professional support services or a company wanting to enter a new geographical market with minimal risk. Virtual offices at Liscard Business Centre will suit you.
Q. Can I hire a meeting room?
A. Yes, we have the choice of 2 meeting rooms which each hold 6 people comfortably and are ideal for meetings or workshop training groups. These can be rented by the hour from as little as £12.50 per hour, or £40 per half day and £60 for a full day. 
Q. Can I use the business address on my Company stationery?

A. Yes, the address is yours for the length of your contract, for you to use on stationery, marketing materials and your Company website. 

Q. How will I get my post?

A. Post received at your business address can either be held for you to collect from reception (Mon – Fri, 8.30am – 5.30pm) or forwarded to you via first class post or courier service at cost.

Q. Can I progress to a physical office when my business grows?

A. Yes of course. Any unused fees paid as a Virtual Office will be credited off your full office invoice.

Q. Can I use your call answering services without being an office or virtual office tenant

A. Yes. However, a virtual office address is a great addition to call answering if based at home. 
We have attempted to answer some of the likely questions you may have.
However, if you have any centre specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The Old School, 188 Liscard Road, Liscard, Merseyside, CH44 5TN

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